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Dorian mostly gets it right

Dorian rarely posts here (although he’s always welcome) and he rarely posts at facebook. When he does, it’s good. From him today:

I think, since we often trust homosexuals to work with sharp scissors near our heads, we can trust them with marriage and we’ll all be okay. You wanna defend marriage? Outlaw divorce.

March Musings (Dorian Lives!)

POSTED BY DORIAN  (Moe notes: Newbies may not know that Dorian was an original co-blogger here who got busy with something he calls ‘a life’. Dorian is young, a musician, a sound designer, newly in love and a wonderful friend. Nice to see him back. To see previous Dorian posts, scroll down to Dorian’s Two Cents in Categories.)

A few random musings: 1) Entering negotiations with the intention not to negotiate is a form of rhetorical terrorism. 2) There’s a reason peaceful protests actually work: A large, angry human mob explicitly not causing mayhem is comparatively rare.

On Public Schools: A democracy can and should be judged by the state of its public schools. (You’re going to Kid Congress every day, not to mention all that mandatory dealing-with-the-people-you-hate training. )

ALSO: Libyans on Hallucinogens would be a good 4th album title.

Eclipse tonight for Dorian’s birthday!

The remarkable congruence of a total lunar eclipse with the Winter Solstice occurs overnight tonight – actually early early early Tuesday a.m. where I am. At which point it will be Dorian’s birthday (Dorian was supposed to be a co-blogger here at the outset, but after a few posts he was distracted by something he calls a ‘job’. Whatever that is.)

Here are the times for anyone who’s interested in watching the once-in-456-year-event:

Partial eclipse starts:
Pacific 10:33 pm
Mountain 11:33 pm
Central 12:33 am
Eastern 1:33 am

Pacific 11:41 pm
Mountain 12:41 am
Central 1:41 am
Eastern 2:41 am

Total eclipse ends:
Pacific 12:53 am
Mountain 1:53 am
Central 2:53 am
Eastern 3:53 am

Partial eclipse ends:
Pacific 2:01 am
Mountain 3:01 am
Central 4:01 am
Eastern 5:01 am

And meantime, Happy Birthday buddy!

Dorian’s Two Cents: Somebody Else’s Job

Businesses and Churches are trying to Govern.

Politicians are trying to be Celebrities.

Entertainment is trying to be News.

News is trying to be Entertainment.

And so on, and so on…

Howzabout we all do our own damn jobs?

Seriously.  Club For Growth, I’m talking to you, you 1900s throwbacks.  Here’s what I mean:

-Corporations are for making MONEY. By definition they’re NOWHERE NEAR sensitive enough to run a free person’s life.  Don’t expect them to be good at caring about how you feel.  Use them for making money, but why in hell did we let them drive Medicine and Insurance?  Were we all drunk that decade?

-Politicians are for making deals. Yes, they’re backstabbing liars.  Don’t pretend you don’t KNOW this in your American soul.  Between Jesus Himself Christ and Jesse James (the Outlaw or the Biker), you’d vote in the whole James Gang (even Joe Walsh!) before Jesus managed one single parable.  Why?  They’d get shit DONE!  And that’s what we WANT in a Politician.  (BTW, Jesus would also lose for being far too Left-Wing for the Right-Wing Christians.)

-Churches are for Morals and Support. Not TV, Churches.  Among other worthy services.  Instead of Politics, Jesus would probably be here, albeit perhaps in moneychanger-kicking-mode once He sees the state of things.  But, I digress.  They’re really not supposed to make you all bummed out, you’re s’posed to walk out all jazzed on God. Which is hard when the Church is telling you to get out there and Hate.  WWJD?  He’d go have a stiff drink, then go to the park where it’s quiet and green, I hope.

-Entertainment is NOT REAL. What’s the difference between Rush Limbaugh and The Daily Show?  The Daily Show readily admits that it’s FAKE NEWS.  And the audience knows that.  And there are way fewer direct death threats to public officials.  If you tell a Dittohead that Limbaugh’s fake, you oughta start RUNNING THE HELL AWAY.

SO, my point?

Let’s use the tools we’ve made for what they’re ACTUALLY GOOD FOR.  Maybe that’ll work?

Health “Insurance”


The Health Insurance industry is fighting the health care bill that THEY HELPED CREATE?
<bitter sarcasm>

Thankfully, everybody who’s sick and under- or uninsured is totally fine while this is going on, and can wait until everybody’s making enough money off this stupid clusterf%^ck.

Because the Free Market solves it all, and the greedy and immoral are naturally driven out of business, and what’s good for the Market is good for America.
Compromise is what traitors do and Compassion is for the weak, and both sound suspiciously like Socialism, which is Bad For America.

</bitter sarcasm>

My hero

Cool Kids fishilng

Logan, Charlie and Dorian

Blog contributor Dorian, one of the very best people I know, is about to donate a kidney to his brother. In addition to being a fine person, Dorian is an artist, a musician, an actor, a singer, a theatre designer, a really good brother . . . and a really good friend. He’s recently been, and will be for a while yet, preoccupied with more serious matters.

“Damn you kids, with your Zima and your Dan Fogelberg!”


As an American(TM), I feel I have two major responsibilities.  Okay, three if you count “being snarky about politics,” but the other two would be:


-Paying Taxes

That’s it.  By Voting, you state your official decision on who speaks for you.  By Paying Taxes, you put your money where your mouth is.  If I have a personal manifesto, that’s it.

It’s just those two things you gotta do to be a part of the Great American Shouting Match we call Democracy.

PS-Think about the meanings of “Republican” and “Democrat.”  They both literally translate to “supporters of an elected representative body that speaks for its constituency.”

and where is Dorian?

Dorian will be joining me here whenever he gets around to it. And that should be spicey on occasion because I am 66 and he is 30 and we are not related.  Grant Team 1That’s him at top, me in middle, Jeremy on left and Rhonda on the right.