It’s Morgan Freeman’s world; we just live in it

9 responses to “It’s Morgan Freeman’s world; we just live in it

  1. Freeman is one of the top stars, that’s for sure. Mollie and I re-watched The Shawshank Redemption last week. Hard to believe, but it had been 20 years, and we enjoyed it as though it were new.


    • Jim – we’re starting to see him get old now, so I guess the long-deserved romantic leading man role is pretty much out for him. Can’t think of a movie where he was cast that way. When he was a young actor, black romance wasn’t going to sell, interracial romance was poison. Not the case now, but ole Morgan is just a little too long in the tooth. (Too bad, because women – of all races – have always found him to be sexy. It’s the voice I think.)


  2. A fine and versatile actor. It’s a bit of a shame that he’s become the go-to “Magical Negro” whenever they want a wise and well-voiced character or front man. Hopefully he can get past that…though, with his voice and James Earl Jones being semi-retired, that’s going to be hard.


    • Ahem, Denzel. And plenty of new guys coming up. But let us not ignore this: studios turn to the man for another kind of ‘magic’ . . . Box Office Magic ! ! Guaranteed Box Office.


  3. An outstanding visual tribute to a great actor and even better person, who also has one of those memorable voices.


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