These? all in the last century

But we know better.

5 responses to “These? all in the last century

  1. The fact that Universal Healthcare started in German in 1941 proves that Obama is a Nazi, right? 😉 (To anybody thinking to take me seriously — don’t)


    • And how about this Elyse from the 19th (!) Century:
      “In 1883, German chancellor Otto Von Bismarck proposed the health care model that came to be adopted by many European nations. What has come to be known as the Bismarck Model survived the German militarism of World War I, the unstable democracy of the Weimar Republic, Naziism, World War II and its aftermath, and eventual reunification. Today, the Bismarck Model serves as the predominant means of guaranteeing universal coverage in Europe, used in Germany, France, Switzerland, Belgium, Netherlands, and others. (Japan is also a Bismarck Model country.)”


  2. Preceded by Japan…is that saying something. And, of course, New Zealand where prisoners were sent.


  3. What an odd notion, that access to healthcare ought to be some kind of basic human right and not an opportunity for some people to get filthy rich? Obviously a Commie Pinko plot. What would Davie Crockett and Clint Eastwood say? What would Dick Cheney say? What would John Wayne say? I can hear him now:

    Listen to me, Pilgrim. Stop your snivelin’, you pansy and man up. When your time’s up, it’s up. Meanwhile, fill your hand you SOB! Life has no room for weaklings! Put a bandaid on it!


    • Pilgrim!!! Excellent Wayne there Jim, just excellent. As for five-draft-deferments-during-Vietnam Cheney, he’d would do well to keep his nasty little mouth closed, since other than Halliburton and a few lobbying gigs in between, he’s been at the gov’t tit his whole entire life.


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