The most important thing to remember about Labor Day


Don’t wear white any more!

It’s the rule.

6 responses to “The most important thing to remember about Labor Day

  1. Summer finally arrived in the Catskills today and I broke the rule. Sue me!


  2. Hi Moe…you were right…the huge influx is dying down now. I was at 980K visitors before the influx (Since 2010.) It peaked at 2M plus over the week-end. The numbers are rapidly settling into what it will be for the next 12 months. I’m lucky on a normal day If I get 20 visitors so yes, this was completely over-whelming. Your comment alerted me to the massive “landslide”. Now that things are back to normal,,,thank you for telling me about your Mayor.

    I never wore white after Labor Day…my fashion conscience mother and aunt let me know it was a fashion faux pas

    See you soon…I promise. ❤



    • Sheila(!) – when it happened to me I knew where it was coming from but that didn’t stop me from entertaining the notion that all these (1800 in one day) viewers were drawn by my brilliant rhetoric. I got over that fast enough!

      You’re at nearly a million? My god woman, now that IS impressive.


  3. For me, Labor Day means migrating from the Hawaiian shirts all summer back to a sport coat. But it was about 100F today, so I should probably rethink that.


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