Just sayin’



Did you?

9 responses to “Just sayin’

  1. Good for you. Our elections were a couple of weeks ago. We never miss.


    • A few years ago, and for the first time, I did a mail ballot. But I missed being part of Election Day. So no more mail-in for me. I frackin’ love to walk into the place and do it in person!


  2. Be interested in turnout down there.
    Last general election in FFD had 24 percent.
    Same turnout as made DiBlasio mayor of NYC.
    Last months republican primary in Ct had 20 percent turnout.
    (Ct has 400,000 registered republican voters.
    80,000 showed up.)
    So John McKinney is shopping his resume aft a loss to Foley from Greenwich for the repub gubernatorial nomination.
    Glad to see ya back.
    Starting to worry.
    See latest Diannne Keaton movie for superb shots of


    • Hey Jim – we had 20% in this County. Pretty typical. Did Ffld really only do 24% in a general election? You mean like 2012? That’ shocking to me.

      Guess I have to go to the movies, eh?


  3. Cheers to your diligence! I voted in the Ohio primary … but in our state, the voter’s declaration links one to a party for two years … so I undeclared by taking an issues-only ballot … so no more GOP for me (I live in a Tea Party county).


    • Frank, how I wish FL had open/universal primaries. Some states allow that. Imagine if the whole country were that way – it would be the end of candidates having to cater to their base. We’d get much better candidates for sure.

      Some Dems in my area register as GOP because GOP is going to win the general no matter what, so we may as well have a say in who is running!


      • From what I’ve read, the open primary is worth consideration and discussion. … and my area is such a GOP stronghold, I imagine some Dems are actually registered Republicans in order to have a say in the primary.


  4. I have opted to abstain from voting in perpetuity in order to help cement the growing “inexplicably angry rich old white man” oligarchy.


    • desertscope: yup, oligarchy it is. The, combine their money with the (also) inexplicable tradition of re-electing something like 90% of incumbents to Congress evven as their approval rating is 9%. It’s why we get what we deserve.


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