They’ll not forget this – ever

66809_550890131600928_1137009912_n529223_10152048905784936_716255025_n1Tonight, two of the grands – specifically these two very lucky six year olds – got to watch the Capitol Fireworks from the White House.

They’re ‘connected’ apparently.

8 responses to “They’ll not forget this – ever

  1. Wow! I’m jealous!


  2. I beg your pardon. That’s Paquita’s and my beat!! How wonderful!


  3. Mollie and I watched “A Capitol Fourth” on our PBS station and had a wonderful view as well. What it lacked in gritty reality was made up by remarkable image quality, sound and camera angles. But, for the little ones, reality is the way to go, for sure.


  4. Great connections for the grands! We saw a small, but nice display, after a concert.


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