And now, on an entirely different subject

9 responses to “And now, on an entirely different subject

  1. Why peel potatoes?

    They’re better with the skins. Even mashed.


    • I keep the skins on too. And yup, even mashed! And not too ‘smooth’!

      A friend just said this works for peaches and tomatoes too – but then I don’t think I”ve ever wanted to peel a peach – maybe tomatoes for marinara sauce . . .


  2. Wow. I remember peeling them for my mother’s mashed potatoes when I was a kid and it’s a significant amount of trouble. I wonder why this isn’t more commonly known? It’s surely fresher, not to mention cheaper, than buying mashed potatoes at our local deli, which is what we have been inclined to do on Thanksgiving and Christmas when we have the family over for dinner.


    • JIm – we started buying the ready-made mashed potatoes too – and they’re really very very good. They even have a lumpy ‘smashed’ version, which I prefer. I told the other Jim that I like them with skins on and lumpy, but no one else does so it’s always the smooth all white version.

      I never get my way!


  3. Hehe…I sort of split the difference. I peel them part way.


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