Solstice! Summer! Saturday!

Starting tomorrow, the days will shorten (hey, we just got summer started here!), and shorten and shorten. Good.

I like my day-lengths kind of medium. Not too long, not too short. I guess mid-September is Moe’s time – or would be if some fools in the Congress hadn’t decided to extend that WWI invention, Daylight Savings Time. Because we always need extra hours of daylight to get the fields tilled and the crops in. You know.

10 responses to “Solstice! Summer! Saturday!

  1. Yep. I hope you had a happy Solstice aka Midsummer aka Litha, Moe..


  2. Autumn is the BEST season for me….


    • One of the things I most miss about New England james, is the smell of burning leaves – although that is mostly forbidden these days, there are always a few places . . .


      • Burning leaves? Man, you haven’t been in the Northeast for ages. Best about early summer in the mountains are the songs of the birds, fawns, and green, green, green


  3. Hey, Moe. Mollie and I just returned from a week in Alaska. Do not go there. You wouldn’t like it. Sunrise came before 4 AM and sunset about 10 PM. It is bizarre. The principal benefit of living there, so far as I can see, is that it provides material for writers who expound on the extremes of human behavior as they react to the weather. 🙂


    • Jim – on my own bucket list is seeing the Northern Lights. Do you see them in Alaska?


      • No, I didn’t. I’d have liked to, but the weather was uniformly cloudy/rainy (highs in the 40’s to low 60’s, typical for this time of year). I suspect the best viewing for the lights is in the winter. Brr. 🙂


        • Sort of – September through March are the best times in AK. The thing is that you’ve got to get some altitude so as to get past the cloud cover of the lower, wetter areas. And, of course, the farther north you go, the better.

          We’re in / near a solar minimum period right now though, so they won’t be near as common.


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