Are there no safe places?

Summer in Florida and even the geckos want some of that A/C. This lad was perfectly happy on a cool wall – until the camera flashed – once (headed for cover) and then twice (nearly there!). He really didn’t have to  do that – it’s likely that his company would have been more pleasant than what I had to tolerate earlier today among members of my own species.


11 responses to “Are there no safe places?

  1. I wonder if he had insurance?


  2. That’s a Bahamanian Anole, not a gecko. 😛


  3. Poor little guy. I’ll bet he makes for better company than the people I know too! 😀


  4. Hey, that was my guy visiting you. He was lonely with me away. I do have to figure out how to change Anon to me.


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