We time-travel on Fridays

4 responses to “We time-travel on Fridays

  1. Nice. Vee had an interesting history. If, like I, you wonder sometimes whether free will exists, you might find in his story some evidence. Eerie.


    • Well, I’m curious now! On my way to his wiki .. .


    • Ah yes. The day the music died. I guess I knew once that he went on for them that night, but I’d forgotten it. But is there something else I’m missing?

      In case you never saw it, here’s a delightful rendition of “Bye bye Miss American Pie’ by half the damn city of Grand Rapids!


      • No, not missing. I just find Vee’s life story something like that of a musical Forrest Gump, including the unusual tribute by Bob Dylan. He seemed to be in the right places at the right times. Love the American Pie clip, Moe.


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