Oh damn them damn them and damn them again

When (perhaps ‘if’ but I’m not hopeful) Iraq dissolves and brings eastern Syria and Kurdistan with it and the region falls into a few more decades of war, I will remember Paul Wolfowitz assuring the Senate before our 2003 invasion that ‘there is no history of sectarian violence in Iraq’. Really, he said that. In a neighborhood where sectarian war has been the norm for  a thousand years. He said that.

Damn them all.

12 responses to “Oh damn them damn them and damn them again

  1. I swear it seems the Bush administration went out of its way employ only idiots…


  2. Move along, ma’m. Nothing to see here…


  3. And when whoever takes over Iraq, then Syria, then Iran, then Afganistan and surrounding counties, the big shooting war will be over Israel. Thank you Paul Wolfowitz.


  4. Seems to me this Sunni – Shia thing is like a running dog fight. Anyone who tries to break it up just gets bitten for their trouble and neither dog is grateful for their effort.

    For what it’s worth, I found this interesting little clip on the matter. It’s titled, Why Sunnis and Shiites are fighting, explained in two minutes.


    • Last night Richard Engle compared attempts to steer the sectarian fights in the region are like trying to hold jello in a closed fist. Excellent video. Covers it very well I think.

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  5. Bravo Jim!

    You should have been a advisor to Bush II and iin the room when he decided to avenge 9/11


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