In a sane world . . .

. . . upon hearing about this, every political leader in the freakin’ world would should be shouting ‘tell me more!”

11 responses to “In a sane world . . .

  1. The company is currently busy finishing up their second prototype development contract for the feds. We’ll see how it goes and how much of their claims are real and how much bullshit. Later, assuming the testing works, we’ll see how they operate as a business and whether or not they can deliver.

    Of course, combining transportation and energy infrastructures and handing it over to a single company isn’t the best idea in the world…


  2. Right. There’s many a slip ‘twixt cup and lip.

    1. How much will it cost per unit area in production?
    2. Financial feasibility? (Power transmission requires low impedance conductors. Nature decrees that it be either copper or, possibly, aluminum.)
    3. Durability? (tensile strength?)
    4. Reliability? (is it really weather-proof?)

    Still, interesting.


    • Jonolan – I sure want to see how feasible it is. Very worthy of more investigation. Single company? Not likely to happen; more like they’d be the first company with many to follow.


    • Jim – hope this shows up. WP is being all weird this morning. Living here in hurricane country, piggybacking other utility lines underground with the solar stuff is very very appealing. We’re moving underground now in newer development areas.


      • I agree, Moe. We are fortunate in our little development to have buried utilities and we suffer fewer outages than the rest of the town. The biggest problem here is ice storms.


  3. Prediction?

    The energy companies around the planet buy the company and bury the idea…..


  4. A few things don’t add up to me. The main thing is durability. You are driving on solar panels and they last?


    • They’re damn durable actually, Alan…and self-heating so that snow and ice won’t build up on them. We’ll see though.

      And yes, I’ve been researching the company for a while now. They’re on my list of possible investments.


  5. In a consumption based culture do you really want them to last too long? Afterall, there’s money to be made from replacements. 😉


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