And this is why Florida’s (!) Marco Rubio gets away with saying such stupid stuff

Truth be told though, I think his latest and very vigorous climate change denial (‘climate changes all the time”) is going to come back and bite him in his soft ass.

From the venerable Union of Concerned Scientists:

5 responses to “And this is why Florida’s (!) Marco Rubio gets away with saying such stupid stuff

  1. …from twitter……

    FiveThirtyEight ‏@FiveThirtyEight
    After a steady decline, @marcorubio’s net favorability has dipped into negative territory.


  2. A cursory review of the UCS’s report indicates they have misleading statements themselves (!!!), so it can be safely ignored.


    • Welcome Thales! I didn’t read the report but I will go look. Anything in particular I should focus on? (Anyone else who’s interested, it’s here:

      Meanwhile, USC historically has been a pretty reliable group – certainly not to be ignored. They were founded by MIT and have been around for about 45 years and have over 200,000 members.

      They describe their mission:
      ” “initiate a critical and continuing examination of governmental policy in areas where science and technology are of actual or potential significance” and to “devise means for turning research applications away from the present emphasis on military technology toward the solution of pressing environmental and social problems.”

      At wikipedia (I’ve spent way way too much time there this morning!) the full text on ‘criticism of’ reads “The UCS has been criticized by conservative, libertarian and right-wing groups for being “left-wing” and “liberal”.[34][35] The UCS has also been criticized by individuals who reject the science of global warming such as televangelist Jerry Falwell who cautioned Evangelical Christians against “falling for…global warming hocus-pocus” propagated in the mass media, with the UCS “leading the charge”

      ANYWAY, nice to see a new reader!


  3. Agreed Mow…..


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