Of course

Not only did I miss this, but it’s apparently been an annual tradition just like the War on Christmas.

fox easter


I have a few things I like to bring out for an annual viewing too. Like this:

11 responses to “Of course

  1. I’m not one for celebrating religious holidays, but I so love those old musicals. Thanks Moe! 🙂


  2. Fee cryin’out loud!


  3. What a fabulous cinematic memoir! The star qualities of these two are on full display, with every move, expression and gesture perfected. How did they do it? No computer graphics for sure, this was made in 1948! The final scene, depicting the Avenue with the carriages and 1912 buggies, must have been a huge undertaking.

    Thanks for the trip back, Moe.


  4. P.S. In the Wikipedia description of the movie it is mentioned that a certain scene of Garland’s was cut because it was considered too risqué. It showed her in a tux top, but with tights on the bottom. Faux News would have approved, I’m sure. 🙂


    • Jim – some personal trivia. The year after the movie, and because of the movie, my grandmother bought me a new coat and hat at the old Best & Co on Fifth Ave and brought me to walk with her in the ‘Easter Parade’.


      • Aha. Trivia back atcha: not long after that time, my wife Mollie was having a fun summer visiting her cousin Harriette in Queens. The girls would ride the subway into Manhattan, all by themselves, and see the sights. Boy have times changed!


        • Remarkable Jim, isn’t it.. Today, my brothers were telling some of the grandkids how they used to walk from our house, up to town and across U.S.1 with their BB guns and 22 rifles slung over their shoulders. And no one took any notice – of the guns or their ages (11 and 13). Different times.


  5. Given that almost every part of celebrating Easter is actually a permutation or derivative of celebrating Eostara – yep, they even stole the name – I laugh at such complaints.


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