The fashion cure? Beats cod liver oil

So, you got a wee Vitamin D deficiency ma’am? No problem at all – just step over here and we’ve got a little fluorescent blanket and we’ll wrap it up inside this little bunting kind of blanket. Good. Now, we’ll fit on  these special shades – made just for very recent arrivals like you –  because when we turn on those lights . . . .

This is Grace Elizabeth who joined us early Saturday morning. We’ll call her Ellie.




10 responses to “The fashion cure? Beats cod liver oil

  1. Who’s that behind those Foster Grants?

    Obviously, you have been busy! Congratulations,


  2. And it solves for the pasty, pink complexion too since it’s essentially a tanning blanket. 😆

    Really though, it’s great tech and so much better than the old ways of dealing or not dealing with newborn vitamin deficiencies.


    • I was surprised to learn, jonolan, that Vit D deficiency, aka rickets, is increasingly common. Young women have been using sun block all their lives and they end up deficient and pass it on to the kid.

      Doctors orders sunshine and food. Excellent.


      • Many deficiency diseases are back on the rise, Moe, not just rickets…and almost every case can be chalked off to human ignorance and stupidity.


        • And probably our over processed food. Pills in a bottle don’t deliver what brocholli and peppers do.


          • Actually, it’s the opposite. It’s getting away from all those “over-processed” foods and things like enriched, white flour and “normal” table salt that is causing a lot of the rise in deficiency diseases. People don’t realize how much that food is fortified with vitamins and minerals and also don’t know, or even think about, how to eat correctly nutrition-wise on a more natural, whole food diet.


  3. Ms. Holland,

    I had forgotten cod liver oil. My mom lined us up in the early 60s to force that down our throats. Uhh.


  4. She’s amazing. New techno implements so different from when grandson Sean was born 20 years ago and needed to be exposed to sun to cure his jaundice. Lots of love. She’s a lucky little girl to have a great great aunt.


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