And she is born into such beauty . . .

6 responses to “And she is born into such beauty . . .

  1. Yes, yes, I heard about these flying penguins. DNA analysis shows they are distantly related to the humming bird. Also,I believe they are the principal predator of flying fish!


  2. This is one of my favorite films of all times … thanks for letting me see it again.


  3. Jim and Elyse – this one is my forever April Fools post. It just doesn’t get better!


  4. I love this!

    Btw. here in Italy they had a funny one in Naples; the announced that the mayor was dead!! With posters all over the city.
    Then later nah, just kidding!


    • Ah well, as Mark Twain said after that happened to him (but not an April Fool), “rumors of my death are greatly exaggerated’. Still in Italy mac? How sweet.

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      • Yes indeed 🙂 Bella Italia!!!!
        I’m staying here (in Florence) until May 1st, and then moving on, doing some European travels! First stop is most likely Paris for a couple of weeks – then we’ll see. I’d like to see England too f.ex., mostly the music cities in the middle/northern part. Or I’ll just be touring France for some weeks/months..
        But it’s all improvised and relaxed at this point, it’s already warming up all over the continent which makes travels so much more easy and sweet..
        And I’ve made quite a few new friends from NYC here too! So that’s back on the bucket list a bit further into the future 🙂


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