I have my issues with Obama like the stimulus was not bold enough, but really . . .

. . . for those who rail incessantly about ‘failed’ economic policies, get real (and stop pretending that stimulus was all spending . . .a big part was tax cuts).


9 responses to “I have my issues with Obama like the stimulus was not bold enough, but really . . .

  1. Yes indeed Moe….

    Yes indeed!


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  3. Nice poster, Moe. Them’s the facts all right, and it’s a nice retort to all those who (selectively) argue that a president is responsible for everything. Naturally it’s more complicated than that, but that doesn’t stop the opposition from using that kind of sophistry when it suits them. The truth, economically speaking, is that the numbers would be even better without the GOP’s antics, negativism, sequestering and government shut-down.


  4. Thems sure is a purty herd of facts all right an it only took 5 years to git them critters to line up so nice. Good thing they culled the other facts from the herd. It would be ugly if the inconvenient ones had pushed into line. Like say the labor participation rate. Unemployment really would have looked sickly if he came to the party. An what about the gap between rich and poor? Good thing he dint cast his shadow over the Dow Jones number.


  5. Cry as you may Alan…..

    YOUR President has done a pretty nice job despite the odds to get this place back on track…….

    (All the GOP cuts haven’t helped the nation’s Economy AT ALL….)


  6. You do realize this is the poor bailing out the rich, dont you?


  7. Now if we could provide food for the hungry and stipends for the unemployed we could call ourselves a civilized society.


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