Nice cartoon. Ha-ha.

From the Monday ‘Patriot Humor’ feature at The Patriot Post. And the joke is?


UPDATE: jonolan points out that I read this one wrong. The joke is that the letters behind Carney spell ‘white washing…” and that, indeed, is funny. The site it came from features regular racist slurs and that influenced how I interpreted it at first.

10 responses to “Nice cartoon. Ha-ha.

  1. ROFLMAO! So there IS truth in media; it’s just inadvertent.


  2. Why is this man smiling? Is he looking into a mirror and reading the joke backwards? Maybe because he has no respect for the White House press corps. Perhaps because this great gig has 3 years to go.


    • Alan, Jay Carney was himself a member of the White House press corps. But now – in the great tradition of 90% of modern press secretaries, he spends most of his time making annoucements and then obfuscating when asked questions. And staying on script. It’s what they do.

      It’s a game and they all know it. Actually though,, if anyone ever watched one of these daily ‘pressers’ – not the headline ones, the day to day ones – in their entirety, questions get answered and jokes get made and it’s mostly professional. Stonewalling though is what makes it to the teevvee ‘news’.


  3. What is the point here?


    • sted, I think the ‘joke’ is calling it the ‘white’ house when the guy inside is black. And to someone, somewhere that’s funny.


      • 😆 No, Moe; you’re racism is showing. as is your hatred for normal Americans. It’s “White Washing” – a rather funny thing with Obama’s pet white washer in the foreground.


  4. Whenever someone brings up the color black, that person is always left handed. Left handers also like the color green.


  5. I read the joke wrong – jonolan is correct. It’s not about black/white; the joke is that the letters behind Carney spell ‘white washing’. And now, it is in fact funny – very funny.
    That said, jonolan calls out ‘racism’ all too often for me to accept – or even taken seriously – his claim that I am racist.
    Did I jump to a conclusion? Yup, I did – not because I see racism evverywahere, but because the photo came “The Patriot Post” – where racism is rampant. That’s why I saw it as I did. And that’s why I got it wrong.


    • The ONLY reason that you think that racism is rampant on “The Patriot Post” is because you’re racist, Moe. You see a mostly White site that isn’t in agreement with Obama and see racism whereas, likely, you feel differently about dissent from the Afrosphere. 😉

      But, in this particular post I was merely sarcastically using the race card in the same manner as the Left does. Hence, you’re right to take it anymore seriously than we take such claims by any of Obama’s supporters or core constituency.


      • Well, it’s my day for humble pie – I just went back there and am now sure I confused The Patriot Post with another site which I now cannot find. But I might yet . . .


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