Hands off the Girl Scouts: a jump the shark moment?

It seems the Girl Scouts – in a Tweet – mentioned women of achievement (and linked to a story about Wendy Davis!). Which – as night follows day – means they are in league with Planned Parenthood. Here is ABC valiantly trying to follow the story but don’t bother (you could probably write it yourself – blindfolded).



18 responses to “Hands off the Girl Scouts: a jump the shark moment?

  1. My mind has no more boggle room. Guess I’ll have to buy more cookies than usual.


  2. Did you read about the jerk who pulled a rifle on a girl who showed up to sell him cookies. (Obviously, the girl scouts are all commie fags who just want to take our guns.)


    • And I know some Lefties that you would adore that are quite insulting to those Girl Scouts – and their mothers – who are selling cookies because they have issues with the labor policies the bakeries that are contracted to make the cookies.

      No guns though! At least not so far.

      Actually, we don’t actually know why Dodrill pointed a gun at a girl scout when she came to his door selling cookies yet.


      • jonolan, I suppose there are some lefties who are still lost in the 1960’s, and they no doubt have their own little followings.

        But one would have to look far and wide in this country today to find any vigorous public advocates for labor outside the unions themselves. For most Americans, it’s a concept from the last century. And that includes liberals.


    • Actually Elyse, I hear she didn’t bring the chocolate mint cookies. Or was it that she did bring them? Either is possible.

      Seriously? Pulled a gun? Just how paranoid and terrified are these people who answer their door with a gun?


      • Very paranoid. That’s the problem!


      • That entirely depends upon the specific factors of the locale and life, Moe. I’d suggest that the majority of this minority are paranoid but that for some it’s a logical action.

        I don’t answer the door with a gun but there are weapons within easy reach of the entranceways to my brownstone and I’m always conscious of exactly where they are and how best to bring them to bear when a stranger comes to the door.

        That’s a logical bit of security in my neighborhood or, at least, it was. That’s changing and it was never that bad…a few blocks over though…


  3. HAHA Crazy peeps out there.


    • Indeed rebecca . . . for these types, the world revolves around a single issue, and others are judged by their stand on that single issue. If they fail the test . . .


  4. Ah yes, The GUSA and Planned Parenthood – it comes up occasionally. The fact is that the GUSA has no direct, formal relationship with Planned Parenthood but that their parent organization WAGGGS does. It’s gets people confused.


  5. People ARE such HATERS!


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  7. I’m starting to like the Girl Scouts more and more.


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