I hope, at least, that Andrea Mitchell is embarassed

13 responses to “I hope, at least, that Andrea Mitchell is embarassed

  1. Good grief. Sad reality if “celebrities acting badly” is worthy of breaking into a broadcast…


  2. This is one of the many reasons I don’t watch the news. Network & Cable…


  3. Awwww. I’m guessing this wasn’t Andrea’s choice, she seems like the more serious type. Yeah, I have the feeling she’s embarrassed.


  4. Is Andrea’s producer 14?


  5. Andrea at least SOUNDED embarrassed – when did gossip become “news”?


  6. I totally agree with you, Moe. To interrupt a congress person for “breaking news” on celebrity misbehavior is absurd. I happened to be watching when it happened and could hardly believe what I’d seen. It does raise the question as to who decides such things, but if it isn’t Andrea, it sure undercuts her image.

    And speaking of Andrea Mitchell, she drives me crazy with her rambling questions for people she interviews. By the time she finishes it’s hard to remember what the #&*@ question is. The few times Peter Alexander has filled in for her he has shown how well it can be done and the different is remarkable. I say to NBC, get the hook!


    • Jim, for me cable is kind of my political entertainment and sometimes I enjoy it enormously – although lately in smaller doses than before. For actual news, I depend on BBC America and PBS. Even the nets are useless. The old ‘nightly news’ is about 19 minutes once you pull out the commercials and all the ‘after the break’ come ons during the ‘news’. And of that, half of it is usually soft news about a cute kid or a big car crash which is news because they happen to have the video.

      That said, there are some really good YOUNG people attaching to MSNBC these days: Josh Barrow, Steve Kernacki, Ari Melber, Joy Reid, Perry Bacon . . . . quite a few realy good reporters and sophisticated commenters but they’re not the prime time people – most of whom are tired and repetitive.


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