I dare you to not be impressed

Besides becoming the most successful children’s author of all time (sold 600 million of his 44 books and reached a billion readers), Theodore Seuss Geisel, or as he is more commonly known, Dr. Seuss, was:

  • a painter
  • an editorial cartoonist
  • an ad man
  • a Navy Admiral
  • a sculptor
  • an Army Major
  • an Academy Award winning short filmmaker, and
  • a doctoral recipient.

Wow. Just wow.


2 responses to “I dare you to not be impressed

  1. He was never in the Navy at all. much less an Admiral. That’s likely a mess up based upon his commercials for Standard Oil. He was in the Army though and was commissioned as a Captain, so he might have made major.

    As for his education – Seuss never earned any advanced degree but was awarded many honorary doctorates.


  2. Damn – that brings it all down to the ordinary. Damn. But I’m not updating, so there!


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