This is Mexico City

There are a lot of  people there these days – a bit over 8 million in the city limits, 22 million in the greater city. I find that birds-eye view terrifying in an apocalyptic way.

But then this is Mexico City too . . . perspective is powerful.

6 responses to “This is Mexico City

  1. Katie of Black Hills Reiki

    Wow….just wow!


  2. My God … it just keeps going and going to the horizon! It’s huge!


  3. This is the nature of horizontal building. Since they can’t build up due to the substrate, they have to sprawl outwards.

    Get a birds-eye view of “Greater Tampa Bay” and it’ll look disturbingly similar. I know it used to be pretty freaky on the high-altitude color infrared photos I used to work with since the sprawl went uninterrupted for many, many miles in all landward directions…and that was nigh on 30 years ago.


    • Lighting can also alter our reaction – the same landscape will be percieved differently. I was in Mexico City years ago, and on the ground there’s tons of charm. Plus pollution and traffic of course.


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