Very satisfying

I think it’s safe to assume we’ll not be bothered anymore by the odious Liz Cheney. Seems nobody cares what she thinks.

Cheney, like her father, is an unapologetic neoconservative who favors muscular use of American military power overseas, a policy that does not sit well with many grassroots conservatives, particularly in the libertarian-leaning West.


6 responses to “Very satisfying

  1. The thirst for attention never ceases to amaze me. It even brought Liz Cheney to the point of publicly dissing her supposedly-beloved sister. But I think there’s something even more seminal than attention at play in human nature. We are combative and like nothing more than to prevail in a fight. I suspect we haven’t heard the last of Liz.


  2. I’m sure she’ll be back in the media eye like others …..


  3. I can’t see where she’ll be missed much. It’s sort of a shame though since most people’s real problem is nothing but her last name. Only sort of though, because she seems to be a pseudo-Republican at best,


  4. Agree. I’m rather tired of the pseudo-celebrity-for-ten-minute insistence on pitching their viewpoints as if they have some form of inspired perspective. She may in fact have one I don’t really know, or care for that matter, But as jonolan stated, her last name makes he view evil so certain corners regardless of what it even is.


  5. Well this will be interesting. Enzi’s already a favorite of the far right. 93% ACU rating, 100% anti-choice. And Cheney doesn’t even live there (of course her father didn’t live there either when he ran for VP).


  6. The first rule of politics is that when you are in a hole, you should stop digging. I mention that only as an aside; apropos of nothing in particular, here’s America’s Dumbest Former Congressman Allen West ambitiously defending Mike Huckabee’s libido comments . Asserting that Democrats want the government to be “the sugar daddy” and replace men, West said Democrats have been “caught guilty as always” and are responding by attacking Huckabee. He then went on to claim that the Left remains utterly silent when women like Malala Yousafzai are abused and attacked by the Taliban before declaring that “I’m going to be very blunt: the Left tries to win the women’s vote by talking from the waist down” Can’t believe this guy isn’t in Congress anymore. What a loss to us all.


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