Happy New Year from Dubai

Tonight they went for the Guiness world record for largest fireworks display ever. No official word yet.

7 responses to “Happy New Year from Dubai

  1. Stunning! The fireworks display was on several news networks today. It must have cost a fortune.


  2. It is roughly 1200 miles from the U.A.E. to Syria where their Arab neighbors, men, women and children, are starving and freezing. That’s about the same distance as from New York City to Miami, Florida What’s wrong with this picture?


  3. Leave it to those show-offs in Dubai to dazzle us with spectacle and shock us with their excesses at the same time. Still, it was very impressive! 😳

    Happy New Year Moe! 😀


    • Yup, excess is them all the time. Looking at national celebrations so many are simply stunning. But we have partying drunks (sometimes vomiting too!) in Times Square and Anderson Cooper, so . . .


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