Too soon?

If it is, let this one be seen as a genuine historical artifact. (Has anyone living today even heard of Dennis Day?) Because I had Irish grandparents, Day was well known in my family. An Irish Tenor with a brogue claiming Christmas for the Irish? Those grandparents loved the damn thing. (Listen for the “Santy” instead of “Santa”. My father was the only person I ever heard say it that way; probably came from his own childhood.

13 responses to “Too soon?

  1. Ah, indeed. Dennis Day! Now I know exactly how old I am.


  2. LOL My full, real name is John Michael Thomas Patrick Nolan or, if you prefer Ian Micheál Tomás Pádraig Nuallain. How do think I like it?

    It’s is a bit early though…


  3. Redolent it is of the many Jack Benny radio shows that featured Dennis. My mother, nee Murphy, would approve. 🙂


  4. Not only do I remember, I can sing the first couple of lines. 🙂


  5. My whole family sang this all the time — Bing’s version. Santy Claus and all. Thanks for the smile.


    • Elyse, really? They said ‘Santy’???? You mean my sibs and I weren’t the only kids in the vicinity of Sasco Creek who heard ‘Santy’??? I am no longer alone! Hallejuliah!


      • Oh no, I’m wrong. It must have been the way my Dad sang it. I just played Bing’s version and he says Santa. Sniff. I always say Santy because Dad did. Dad was 1/2 Irish — his mother a Culley.


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