The real Friday Oldie

Christmas songs don’t count. And even though this may not quite qualify either (at least for my own generation), I’ve adored it for 40 years. So there! Plus, I think I owe it to you after Dennis Day.

This performance is from Live Aid in the 1980’s. (The song runs only the first 5:15 here.)



20 responses to “The real Friday Oldie

  1. Always one of my favorites. Then, most things by Queen were to my tastes.


  2. A tragic funny to this song. I was 15 and decided to play this tune for my mom. Unfortunately, I was a slightly clueless kid and wondered why she started crying, not ever thinking that the lyrics would remind her of her daughter who was in prison at the time. Duh. Still a fabulous tune though. 🙂


  3. Hey Moe! (Yes, said in my Curly voice!) Nice to see Freddie Mercury, he’s been on my mind lately. Just came over to share the good tidings — speaking of the season — and it’s in your neck of the woods, even. We just had an active duty police officer come out Anonymous in South Florida. My heard is filled with gladness. This is the beginning of the trumpet blast at Jericho. ❤


  4. I guess you don’t specify WHICH Friday this was intended for.


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