So it’s late. . .

. . . and by almost two weeks. I meant to put this up on the 22nd; still, it remains  relevant and reminds us of how twisted our politics can get. The more things change, the more . . . .

9 responses to “So it’s late. . .

  1. The Secret Service’s job’s not getting any easier, is it? Despite the recent prostitution scandals, however, they seem to be getting it done. Family people need not apply.


  2. The strange thing is that many on the right now try to claim Kennedy as one their own – mostly relying on his tax cuts support this view.


    • Yeah, I hear that all the time bruce – of course those tax cuts would have happened even if JImmy Carter were Prez! Up till then, we’d been paying a bit extra for a little venture called WWII.


  3. That was (is) Bruce.


  4. Hi Moe,very late response to your post but it caught my attention as I just picked up the book “Leadership Lessons of JFK”.

    Kennedy was a great thinker and a great man in my opinion. I visit the Dealey Plaza Museum every time I go to Dallas and read/learn as much about him as I can. I also try and watch at least one Kennedy-related video on the 22nd. Have you ever seen “Thirteen Days” about the Cuban Missile Crisis?


    • Hi Vern – even later reply from me here. I’ve been profoundly unbloggy over the last month or so. So, a belated Happy New Year.

      I not only saw Thirteen Days, I remember them. Very well. As tense a time I’ve ever experienced. People were on edge everywhere because it looked very very possible that one or the other would let the nukes fly.

      During the anniversary week in Nov, PBS did three programs exploring different parts of Kennedy’s life and death. They were spectacular. It still saddens me. We went from hope to fear and terror. By the way, after reading many books, I am convinced of two things: 1) he was turning toward ending Vietnam before it could get out of control and his military chiefs were apoplectic about that, and 2) his public and private overtures to the Soviet Union (also made the right crazy) along with his pledge to destroy the CIA – you know where I”m going with this. Forces right here in the US took him out. I believe that. The focus on Oswald is wrong – doesn’t matter if he was the single shooter – the only thing that ever mattered is what was behind him, and that gets very short shrift whenever there’s an investigation.

      The Warren Commission? Not a single person of my generation ever believed it was the truth.


  5. Hi Moe,

    I didn’t realize that the Warren Commission Report was so widely rejected. Sad time either way, and I regret that I don’t think we’ll see another leader like him for a very long time.


    • I agree Vern – plus we were very receptive to embracing new leadership then. We were a different people.

      I think many of us wanted it to happen again with Obama – there was a hunger for something to ‘put right’ much of the Bush stuff and to fight back against the corporate state. We wanted a transformative presidency. Obviously didn’t happen – it wasn’t just Congress either; turned out he wasn’t bold and didn’t ask anything of us.


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