An important message within this tale of two photos

Same scene, same time, different angles. Partisans will choose which to embrace.


As Josh Marshall put it at Talking Points Memo:

The photos appear to have been taken at nearly the same moment, but from two different angles. And they tell different stories.

As I said in my headline, these two photos contain an important lesson about assumptions and jumping to conclusions.

But that said and friendly smiles notwithstanding I see intentional cruelty, nearly of the Westboro Baptist Church variety. Here, they’re gathered outside a Houston restaurant to “protest” the meeting inside of the state chapter of Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America, a gun safety advocacy group formed in the aftermath of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting.

23 responses to “An important message within this tale of two photos

  1. Showing up outside of a meeting of folks talking about gun control with assault weapons is meant for one purpose and one purpose only. Intimidation. They knew exactly what they were doing.


  2. It shows two models of of world view. In one, violence is renounced as a factor in daily life. In the other, it is embraced. Nelson Mandela changed his nation by renouncing it. (Who would have believed it?) I’m with Elyse.


    • JIm – just saw a news bit on Japan vs US in gun deaths. They are a country wild about violent video games and movies – even more so than us – but we have a gun death rate nearly ONE THOUSAND TIMES theirs. Simply boggles the mind. The price of F-R-E-E-D-O-M and all . . .


      • Yes, Moe. The problem is the availability of guns in daily life. Road rage or the equivalent is common to human nature, but Americans have guns handy and the Japanese don’t. I think it’s just that simple.


      • Moe, what difference does it make what weapon is used in the murder?

        That’s what always confuses me about you gun-grabbers’ rationalization for your attempts to disarm the American people.

        Hell! Read what Jim wrote. It’s nothing less or better than a call for total confiscation and disarmament since the only way to change the fact that, “but Americans have guns handy.”

        So yes! Given that freedom is predicated upon the right to keep and bear arms, the occasional murder using a firearm is the price that must be paid.


  3. I just don’t understand the mindset of these people. Why on earth would they show up to do that? Sad reality these days…makes no sense.


  4. This is especially sad as it’s a way to stifle dissent and opinion. Regardless of what they might claim, these protesters have to know that seeing deadly weapons will make other people nervous. I know I would feel scared, and then what are your options? Do you keep going and take the chance that one of these guys will shoot you? The police won’t arrest them (I know this because of our local Oregon jackass and his gun), so what then?


  5. Showing up is a First Speech Right…
    So is owning certain types of guns….
    Showing up to intimidate isn’t….
    I would hope that a display such as we see in the above picture would invite the local police to show up with THEIR Guns……


    • But I’m betting you wouldn’t feel so about a protest by Blacks,or Muslims, or any other group that the majority of Americans are conditioned to fear.

      Think about that for a moment if you can.


      • LMAO, honestly, I can just see it. A group of Muslims posing for a pic with some imitation AK 47’s. I think Jimmy joe and the boys would be riding in on the fly with their imitation M16’s and breaking that thar thingie up. 😉

        Just think about that for a moment. 🙂


  6. They wouldn’t have GUNS jonolan….Would they?


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