The oligarchy’s latest ‘War on the Family’’s something I could be thankful for: the  toxic new retail trend that has stores opening on Thanksgiving Day (some as early as 6am) to attract more shoppers turns out to be . . . a bust!

Wouldn’t it be swell?

17 responses to “The oligarchy’s latest ‘War on the Family’

  1. Maine and Massachusetts doesn’t allow stores to open on Thanksgiving Day.It should be like that around the country…
    Happy Thanksgiving Day!


  2. How totally appropriate, Moe. Unfortunately, the population is almost totally brainwashed. The commercial monster is now engulfing Thanksgiving. Next year, perhaps, Halloween. Then, Independence Day. Buh Ha Ha Ha. 👿


  3. More accurately – Retail’s desperate attempt to stay alive in these economic times. Sadly for them, it’ll backfire.


    • Wrong way for them to adapt because it’s not so much economic times as it is competition from online shopping.. They won’t get past that with sales.


      • True; it’ll be, largely, a failure or, at least, I hope it will be. That doesn’t change the fact that it’s a fight for survival, not “The oligarchy’s latest ‘War on the Family’”


  4. Glad to see the post. Here my daughter texted me way back in August that London shops were already getting out the Christmas trees. And to think in my day (not that long ago) the celebration was religious, for children and the family. Indeed in Scotland well into my adolescence, Christmas was a half holiday with the working man at work in the morning. Santa (or as we called him, Father Christmas, dressed in green) would leave, oranges, chocolate coins and one single toy. The world moves on it seems.


    • Well, when I was a kid David, Christmas was certainly a huge big deal with presents under the tree and trees and wreaths and family. And of course Church. But my religious education taught me that Christmas is really an almost minor religious holiday. It was Easter and the week leading up to it that were the very holiest of days.

      Today, I don’t think people even know either that 12/25 is the FIRST day of “the Twelve Days of Christmas”, which ended on the feast of the Epiphany on January 6 (also a holy day, hardly noticed any more). Instead, today, Dec 26 is the day to stock the shelves for Valentine’s Day.

      Did you do Boxing day?


      • My family managed to “kill” Christmas for me, insofar as the gifts are concerned, when I was about 9 or 10. There were SO MANY gift piled throughout the room – almost all for me (only child & grandchild) that it managed to overload the greed of a young child. I’ve never “recovered.”


      • The funny thing is Jesus was born in the spring.
        Go figure. Merry Mithras to all! 🙂


  5. Some people will do anything to avoid spending more time with their families.


  6. I have to admit to a Scottish childhood. In the 1950’s both Christmas and Boxing Day were very much seen as an “English” holiday. The Scottish equivalent was a two or three day national bender at New Year. Boxing Day was a day for the women to get up early and queue for the Department Store sales (and to return unliked presents). In houses where people adhered to the Free Kirk of Scotland (like my father) Christmas trees were discouraged as were candles in church and decorations!


    • Now there’s a term we don’t hear often anymore . . . “Kirk”. I hope you do trees and candles today David – they’re the best part of Christmas for me.


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