Whatever Works is only 261 hits away from a quarter million

I’ve known for a while this particular milestone was in my near future but I was very surprised this morning when I took a look (after two weeks of teh unbloggy) and saw that it is imminent. Ha! How ’bout that!


19 responses to “Whatever Works is only 261 hits away from a quarter million

  1. Congrats, Moe 😀


  2. 241 at this point … Congratulations on the approaching milestone.


    • Well Frank, if I ever get myself back up to my old level of activity I’ll get there soon enough. A few months ago I posted about having to make changes in my life – too many committments and it was the blog that took the hit. I was determined to cut down on my volunteer load, but dammit . . . .


  3. Heya Moe,

    Whatever wordpress/google did awhile back really changed the amount of hits WP blogs got. I wonder if it was an intentional move, or one orchestrated so we would have to take advantage of the pay for publicity nonsense WP constantly peddles.


  4. BRAVO!

    Keep Up the Good Work Moe!


  5. a profound number to see.

    happy November.


    • Jingle!!! Lovely to see you and even nicer to see your poems again. You were an early visitor here so thanks for that then, and thanks for the congrats now.


  6. Congratulations, Moe, but you’re only halfway to the half million mark…

    By the way, TBogg has moved into some new quarters. Reading ‘twixt the lines, I think he was getting crowded out by the firebaggers [the “Obama didn’t pass my pet legislation, ergo he is worse than Hitler” types commonly found at Firedoglake and other such locations] at his old place.

    He’s at The Raw Story these days.


    • Oh thanks for that desertscope! I was an early fan when he was a solo act. I agree with you about FDL; they became way too doctrinaire for me. I stopped visiting even him because of the FDL blog format – his page showed only the first few lines of a post followed by READ MORE. I like to scroll which was almost impossible there. So it’s off to Raw Story to see what he’s up to. Thanks, thanks, thanks!


    • Scope – dammit, they’re doing the same thing at Raw Story as at FDL . . .a few lines and then READ MORE. That drives me crazy .. . but TBogg is worth it.


  7. Should I come and go 261 times?


  8. Did I make it? One of the first 250,000? You’re amazing!


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