Texas doesn’t care who you are. Dammit, the law is the law!

Texas’ new voter ID laws are working just fine because they are very good laws and proof is here. They’ve snagged yet another suspicious ‘voter’:


Former House Speaker Jim Wright was denied a voter ID card Saturday at a Texas Department of Public Safety office.

For Speaker Wright, matters were cleared up in a few days. I wonder how it would go without his level of civic savvy. (There he is at some big DC event or other, standing behind the guy with his hand up in the air.)

5 responses to “Texas doesn’t care who you are. Dammit, the law is the law!

  1. Of course they tried to block him –he’s a Democrat!


  2. They have to start knocking people off before Wendy Davis ….


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  4. Thought I’d try again to post but this is what I got.


    • It took several tried. When I tried to change my password to something I might remember they wouldn’t let me – said it wasn’t secure enuff. Should I be the one to decide how much security I require?


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