Absolutely not interested in being Governor of all of Florida

Gov. Scott has not publicly stated his reasons for the rejections.

Only Governor of half the people.

How much respect does the indicted-insurance-fraud (who invoked the Fifth Amendment 75 times) hold for half the people of this state? Zero. Zilch.

From today’s Tampa Bay Times:

TALLAHASSEE — Gov. Rick Scott, seeking to bring the court system more in line with his conservative outlook, has repeatedly rejected lists recommended to him by the Florida Bar of lawyers seeking to screen candidates for judgeships.

Scott has rejected dozens of attorneys the Bar has nominated to serve on judicial nominating commissions, created decades ago to professionalize the bench and make merit and qualifications at least as important as political connections.

“He wants people with humility,” says Scott’s chief counsel, Pete Antonacci, “and he wants judges who will follow the law and not make it up as they go along.”

The Bar said Scott’s two predecessors, Charlie Crist and Jeb Bush, never rejected any of its nominees. The governor has rejected the lists 16 times and has never publicly given a reason and is not required to do so.

Scott has sent back so many Bar-recommended names that the group keeps a five-page spreadsheet to track them.

Pure ideology.

15 responses to “Absolutely not interested in being Governor of all of Florida

  1. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    WTF???? Then go away …. we don’t want YOU, Skeletor!!


  2. Nothing like governing by imposition.


  3. Oh Moe. What else do you expect from Governor Voldemort— Muggle-born judges?


    • Elyse – I don’t suppose you need to hear that I think he’s actually got a chance to squeak out a win again? Nah, you don’t need to hear that.


  4. Poor little Lefties hate it so much when an American Executive behaves the same way as a Leftist one. 😆 Of course he wants to stock the screening panel with attorneys that aren’t in favor of anti-American judicial activism.


    • jonolan, can you point to a Dem chief exec who has done the same? Of course, as a lefty, I need some anti-Americans in the local judiciary or I’d not feel represented.


      • Obama, Carter, and every other Dem executive who’s had the chance to try it. I’ll give you this point though, the specifics of this instance are, so far, unique – but then I don’t think any other state has this sort of board.


        • Had the chance to try what? Being true to the principles they ran on and to the people who elected them?

          Bar Associations regularly vet judicial nominees in all states. Here’s a little more info:

          “Deirdre Macnab, president of the League of Women Voters of Florida, criticized Scott’s frequent pattern of rejecting Bar-supported lawyers.

          “I believe it’s unprecedented,” Macnab said. “This is a pretty blatant example of politicizing the court, and citizens should be concerned. … It’s disheartening.”

          Macnab serves on a statewide judicial nominating panel for federal judges and was appointed by U.S. Sens. Bill Nelson, a Democrat, and Marco Rubio, a Republican.”


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  6. Being true to the principles they ran on and to the people who elected them? Yep! same as your Governor has done. The difference is solely in what those principles are and to what they show the people’s to be.

    It’s also a tempest in a teapot because executives always politicize their appointments. That’s the only lasting power of the Executive.


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