Friday already? Holy hollycrackers . . .

sueandmoeWhen I was 9 or 10, this song by Patience and Prudence was a big hit. My younger sister and I adopted it, learned every word, every note, every inflection, every breath, practicing until we had the harmonies perfected –  and then we sang it incessantly, something for which I suspect we’ve never been entirely forgiven.

It’s a preposterous song as were so many then, but it occupies a permanent slot in my childhood hit parade. The original version is here, but this is so much more fun  :

10 responses to “Friday already? Holy hollycrackers . . .

  1. That was wonderful.


  2. I watched it three times. You made my heart burst with memories, but that kid is twice as cute as the two of us put together! God, she’s way beyond adorable.


  3. Why do I come up anonymous???? Of course, it’s me, your only sister in the world. Susie


  4. Me too! As soon as I read Patience & Prudence, it started through my head — every pause, every inflection! Loved it. Still love it!


  5. Susie!!!!!


    Very best to you and Mo!


  6. What a little drama queen she is! That’s priceless.


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