He doens’t look so dead to me.

Aha. Jim Inhofe is 78 years old and has been on Medicare, a truly socialized medical insurance plan, for 13 years. inhofe

8 responses to “He doens’t look so dead to me.

  1. Oh, but that’s different. It doesn’t have “Obama” in its name.


  2. In actuality you’re wrong. Senator Inhofe has been eligible for Medicare for 13 years but, in all likely, hasn’t been on it…because nobody wanting to live would use Medicare if they had any better option, which almost all private are and Federal Govt.’s plan most definitely is.


    • I believe you are incorrect, jonolan. All other healthcare insurance that I know of uses Medicare, when it applies, as a primary payer. That’s true of my own, which is the military plan, Tricare. Medicare pays first, then Tricare, and I expect that Congress’ plan would be the same.


    • jonolan, insurers will not allow anyone who is eligible for Medicare to use it as a secondary and buy a private primary. Medicare is primary and what you do after that is up to you. And again, MEDICARE WORKS. JUST FINE. Try it (someday). You’ll like it.


  3. Funny … but the question is, did he enroll? Oh boy, Anthony Weiner says Yes. Which (to me) means, I still don’t know.


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