Oh please, don’t wake me up . . .

Bet you didn’t know this. Neither did I, but it’s right there on Glenn Beck’s own site, The Blaze, the place for dystopian paranoia and apocalyptic terror – plus there are many wonderful things available for purchase!

Glenn Beck on Monday began what he said is “just the beginning” of his work to reveal the background and motivations of Grover Norquist, the founder and president of Americans for Tax Reform.

Beck began by playing recent clips of Norquist calling out Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) for his efforts to derail Obamacare, noting that while he used to joke about the left’s portrayal of Norquist as a “big power player,” he’s since revised his dismissive opinion in light of the warnings that you “don’t ever take this guy on unless you’re prepared.”

Beck’s show Monday primarily concentrated on Norquist’s alleged connections to Islamists. He invited Frank Gaffney, the president of the Center for Security Policy, and Daniel Greenfield of the David Horowitz Freedom Center, to weigh in.

There’s a David Horowitz Freedom Center? Seriously?

8 responses to “Oh please, don’t wake me up . . .

  1. Wait…let me get this straight. It’s Glen Beck vs Grover Norquist? Can that be right? Anybody know what brought this on?


  2. Pass the popcorn. Or maybe the Goobers, cause the more nuts, the better.


  3. Ah, the ancestors they’ll unite with.


  4. Moe,
    About four or five years ago I was in an email squabble with a guy from Horowitz’s Freedom Center (or it could have been on the grossly misleading DiscoverTheNetworks side, I don’t really remember). I was doing some research on the site and found some obviously false information and wrote in to politely ask them to correct the record. A guy wrote me back (I’ll give him credit for writing back) and started calling me nasty names, even though he didn’t know a damn thing about me. He just assumed that because I challenged something on the site that I had to be a communist or something. These folks assume that if you don’t agree with all of their agenda, you are the enemy. That’s why Glenn Beck will attack Grover Norquist so fiercely. They want to, as some of my evangelical friends used to say, “get the sin out of the camp.”
    In the mean time, I hope they keep sticking shivs in each other’s backs. It is quite entertaining and, in the end, it will be good for the country if they destroy each other.


    • Duane – have you ever braced yourself to listen to Horowitz on the radio? I’m not sure he’s still on, but the guy is totally toxic.

      Of course Beck is a shyster, a con, a classic Barnum who sells the fear and blame. Horowitz however, believes every word he says and see enemies everywhere.

      Was this exchange before or after you began your ‘penance’?


  5. It was after, although before I came to my senses I admit I admired the zeal with which Horowitz undertook his mission. I have seen him do his thing many times, mostly on C-SPAN. He is a particularly loathsome character, mainly because, as you said, he really does believe this is a fight to the death.


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