Things you miss when you don’t watch CSPAN: Oh my.

For Facebook/Star Trek fans: Who was the speaker at the National Press Club lunch this month just broadcast on CSPAN2? Why, George Takei was the speaker.

george takeiGeorge_Takei_Sulu_Star_TrekHe is surprised to find himself a celebrity again – at age 70 –  a Facebook phenom with millions of followers. As a follower myself, I was interested to learn that when he first turned to Facebook, it was with a mission in mind –  to educate younger generations about the WWII Japanese internment in the US. Takei grew up in a camp.

Hey, he thought, maybe use some humor to get a few people to his page. Maybe that would drive some traffic. And maybe he could toss in some advocacy for gay rights? That could help a little. Maybe.

4.9 million Facebook followers says he was right. Oh my.

4 responses to “Things you miss when you don’t watch CSPAN: Oh my.

  1. I have to confess I was mostly a Spock guy back in the day. When he started smooching up folks in the 2009 Star Trek, I was horrified.


    • Ah, you’re a purist bruce! I was a Spock person too, but looking back, it’s Scottie I remember most fondly. And I LOVE THE NEW prequel Star Treks. I think they’re terrific.


  2. Thanks, now I know who George Takei is.


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