Ah, Bill, that’s gotta hurt!

Townhall.com, an enormously influential righty website, has posted its list of the 25 most influential conservatives. AND 32 runners-up.  The runners-up are:


At number 41, not only doesn’t Bill O’Reilly make their top 25, but he ranks behind trickster James O’Keefe. Methinks this will rouse Papa Bear (as Steven Colbert calls him) to new heights of retribution – an O’Reilly staple. He is, like Rush Limbaugh,, remarkably thin-skinned for someone who’s been in the public eye for so long.

2 responses to “Ah, Bill, that’s gotta hurt!

  1. I knew the right was radical but Townhall’s list of the top 25 most influential conservatives really puts it into perspective, putting the cigar-chomping, multiply-married convicted felon Limbaugh at the top and Sarah Palin at number 3. Our politics have turned into a reality show, and it ain’t highbrow either.


    • Jim, I’d put the plump one at the top for influence too. Three hours a day,, five days a week on over 1000 radio stations (with repeat broadcasts) for 20 years . . . there’s really never been a voice like his. And an audience – at one time anyway – of 20 million listeners. You may remember that Gingrich made him an honorary member of the 1994 Congress – said the GOP would never have retaken the House without Rush.

      A propagandist’s dream.


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