Sorry Kathleen, your day must come to an end really needs to step down. Soon.

Someone must pay the political price; it’s the distasteful way of the world.

So just get it over with.

19 responses to “Sorry Kathleen, your day must come to an end

  1. Question …. why? Don’t know much. Could you educate me? What did she do?


    • Hey, Rex, she was at the helm when the good ship HHS went aground trying to navigate the technical waters of registering people for the ACA. Moe is exactly right, she needs to go down with the ship because whatever the reason, she failed her basic purpose of getting the job done. And one wonders, out of all the software companies in all the gin joints in the world, how the hell did she end up with a non-U.S. company for a half-billion dollar job? Some Democrat, she!


  2. Obama won’t have her step down until either he can paint the GOP as being on a witch hunt against her or his handlers tell him to throw her under the bus for the sake of his legacy and the Dem party.


    • You are consistent in your judgements, jonolan. To paraphrase your comment: “No matter what Obama does about his Kathleen Sebelius problem, or even if he does nothing, it will be sinister, underhanded or wrong.”


      • A poor summation, Jim.

        Obama could immediately call for her resignation but he won’t, and he won’t do so for purely personal political reasons.

        Now, don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying that, if Obama did that, there wouldn’t be plenty on the Right using that as an excuse to attack him. I’m just not one of those people.


    • I don’t know where you’re getting that jonolan since calls for her head are already very noisy. She should take care of it herself – now. Her department screwed it up and I do not see ANY, ANY attempt to paint the GOP as responsible in any way for this failure.


      • Calls for her resignation are largely meaningless. Obama’s not going have her unless he can gain from it or cut his losses.

        I agree that she should take care of it herself – now – but I just don’t see it happening. She’s far too arrogant for that, always has been.


  3. Good woman, poor decisions. Up to her to make ACA work. She has to go.


  4. My…My…..
    People here are bringing the bus up so the lady can get thrown under it, eh?
    Well, I happy to point out that they ARE working on the site as we speak….
    I wouldn’t count Sebelius out yet…
    Letting here good is also NOT a smart move for the President who has a percieved victory over the GOPer’s a week old….
    As Obama has pointed out…..
    Apple released updates for ios7 within days of its launch…
    WTF wouldn’t the Govt have problems ?
    Oh, Politics…
    I forgot that part….

    The site is getting patched up….


    • james, I dont think it’s a matter of ‘throwing her under the bus’.. This really is her fault. She heads the department that was given the job of making it work.


  5. Please excuse my spelling…..Thank You….


  6. There’s a world of difference between crap like Apple anything and a “service” that you’re required to take “advantage” by federal law or face fines, wage garnishments, levies on back accounts and private property, and/or in extreme cases incarceration.

    When the former is broken it’s really of no concern. When the latter is broken it is a catastrophe.


  7. Then it SHOULD be about fixing the problem….

    WHO to blame, Right?


    • james, you and I agree on most things, but not on this. Sebelius as in charge of rolling out the president’s program. That – as I think JIm said above – was her job. Her dept hired the contractors (a Canadian company??? Why?), oversaw the development, set the deadlines, went almost 200 million over budget . . . and failed. That’s a firing offense. Sorry.


  8. went almost 200 million over budget (Moe)

    No biggie, just print some more monopoly money. You guys are pretty good at that. Good ole American ingenuity. 😉


    • Hey t4t, if we hadn’t been printing that money the last five years, the economic picture here and in other parts of the world would be a lot grimmer. As usual, we carried the big load. 😆


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