My name is Moe, and I am a fracking idiot

_OhMyGodOh, big ouch!  I just showed up at a friend’s house (45 minutes away) for dinner. He was a little surprised because the dinner is tomorrow. And that is why, now that I am home, I have chosen dessert for my evening meal.

18 responses to “My name is Moe, and I am a fracking idiot

  1. Happens to me with doctors’ appointments. It’s the calendar’s fault. Sometimes Sunday is the first day on the calendar, sometimes the last. Our eyes count the blocks. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.


  2. LOL!!…well being early is better than being late…. and…..dessert is ALWAYS a good choice for dinner…


  3. LOL!!…well being early is better than being late…. and…..dessert is ALWAYS a good choice for dinner…


  4. So who hasn’t done that! What’s for dessert?


  5. Your producing and selling methane?


  6. Ms. Holland,
    Look at the bright side. It’s not a mistake, it’s an extra visit to see a friend. It’s not a mistake, it’s a funny story both of you will laugh together telling for years.

    And it always could have been worse. It’s not like you lost your car keys.


    • Alan, at the official visit tonight I implored them not to tell anyone else about it, confusing the hell out of them since they’d seen what I put on the blog. We do sometimes forget that life here spills over into real life!


  7. Your post made me wonder if your error might have been compounded by electronics, Moe? I suspect that Mollie and I are among the last not to have a smartphone that, among all the other functions, serves as a calendar. (Our little cell phone does have one, but it’s awkward to use.) For that we just have a large, plain desk-blotter calendar on which we write appointments and note events. We have forgotten to look at it, but not often. Winston the dog can’t reach it to chew on and it has no batteries to run out. Fits right in with our weather rock for prognostications. 🙂


    • Jim – we’re in sync! I still carry a small ‘day planner’ with me everywhere. It’s the old ‘week at a glance’ book which I’ve been using since the 1970’s. In fact, I have at least 30 years worth of old books in a storage box in a closet. I never kept a diary or journal but find these books useful if I have to retrieve some info from my own way-back-machine.

      I only use the iGoogle calendar for my group stuff. Where can I get a weather rock?


  8. ……and you weren’t offered a little before-dinner-drink? Shameful!!


    • Hey Leanne – nice to see you! It was actually even worse than I described, because as soon as I realized it was the wrong day, I remembered I was actually due to meet my exercise partner an hour later – at my own house. At which point, I briefly considered just laying down and dying.


  9. This is what we politely call a “senior moment.” S’OK. 😆 You’re in the right state for them.


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