Lessons learned? Nah, the righteous don’t need no stinkin’ lessons

From Ezra Klein (Wonkblog) this morning:

Thursday’s Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll hit the Republican Party like a bomb. It found, as Gallup had, the Republican Party (and, separately, the Tea Party) at “all-time lows in the history of the poll.” It found Republicans taking more blame for the shutdown than they had in 1995. It found more Americans believing the shutdown is a serious problem than in 1995.

Even worse for the GOP is what the pollsters called “the Boomerang Effect”: Both President Obama and Obamacare are more popular than they were a month ago. Obamacare in particular gained seven points.

The Boomerang Effect – yup, that’s exactly what happened after the GOP impeached Clinton (instead of doing the nation’s business). His favorability, which had been lackluster before the impeachment, soared.

Lessons never learned I guess.

7 responses to “Lessons learned? Nah, the righteous don’t need no stinkin’ lessons

  1. That’s NOT all……
    More GOP House Seats COULD be in trouble for 2014…Pollhttp://www.politicaldog101.com/2013/10/11/more-gop-house-seats-could-be-in-trouble-for-2014-poll/


  2. The GOP establishment types have fiannlly said enough….
    But the Midterms are a year away….
    In the end it IS going to be tough job for Democrats to regain the House …..
    People tend to have short memories….
    And a lot of the excitment against the the GOPer’s will slip away due to the next 12 months politics


    • Woodstock (and Jim) are right – gerrymandered districts change everything. And you are right (always james) about how short our memories are. Which is exaclty what the post is about, isn’t it! 😆


  3. Don’t forget the gerrymandered districts. Hard to get those suckers out.


  4. Woodstock has spotted the worm in the polling apple all right. The GOP brand as a whole is tarnished by the polls but the die-hard Tea Partiers feel safe in their gerrymandered districts and will likely hang tough as the nation goes down the fiscal tubes. Yuk.


  5. “the die-hard Tea Partiers feel safe in their gerrymandered districts”

    Unless they get challenged from the right in the primary, and that I think terrifies them.


    • And it terrifies me bruce . . . the idea of an even more incalcitrant congress? Yikes. What kinds of people would they be? Nationalists, populists and ignorant. What a combo. It could be actual insurrection or – and I don’t want to violate Godwin’s law here, but -history tells us what it can also lead to.

      Godwins Law: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Godwin%27s_law


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