Give it to Malala Nobel Committee awards the Peace Prize tomorrow. A worthy recipient awaits.

Give it to Malala.

UPDATE: They passed her over again. From Foreign Policy (link all wobbly):

Top News: The Nobel Committee awarded the Nobel Prize for Peace to the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) for its work that has “defined the use of chemical weapons as taboo under international law,” according to the committee’s statement.

The OPCW, a U.N.-backed organization, has risen to new prominence for its role in disarming Syria’s chemical weapons. “People are still getting their heads around being in the global limelight,” said a spokesman for the OPCW, comparing it to “building an airplane and flying it at the same time.” Though events in Syria figured in the decision, the Nobel Committee stressed that the prize was awarded for the OPCW’s work since its founding in 1997 to assure adherence to the U.N. Chemical Weapons Convention. The OPCW is currently assessing chemical weapons stockpiles in Syria and determining the best method to dispose of them — a plan that might include sending them to Norway — coincidentally the home of the Nobel Prize — for disposal.

The decision comes after weeks of speculation: Other individuals believed to have been in contention for the prize included Malala Yousafzai, the young women’s education advocate from Pakistan targeted by the Taliban, and Denis Mukwege, a Congolese doctor who has set up hospitals for victims of rape.

28 responses to “Give it to Malala

  1. maggieannthoeni

    I caught Jon Stewart’s Oct. 8th interview with her only today.. Stunning strength, honesty, and clear thinking in this young woman. (


  2. There was never any hope of that. Giving the prize to Malala would have upset the Muslims too much and you know the damage they cause when they get upset.

    They gave it to The Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons instead – a “wonderfully” politically correct choice.


    • jonolan – more info: Alfred Nobel, who establshed the Nobel, when he created it had a prejudice toward peacekeepers. He founded the prizes after a newspaper called him the ‘merchant of death’. He directeed them to the suppression or reduction of standing armies or the establishment or furtherance of peace congresses.” Which at least partially explains why Kissinger got it.


      • Yeah. I’m aware of the foundation’s beginning. It’s, since then, been an up and down ride on the political correctness of the awardees and the “snubs.”

        Remember that Arafat (!!!!!!!) got it alongside Kissinger and Ghandi never got it (He didn’t hate Hitler).


      • OH! And Obama of course, who couldn’t have been even nominated earlier than 7 days into his first term in office….


  3. I nominate Malala for President of the World.


  4. A shame …. maybe next year!


  5. She probabaly should NOT return home….

    ‘Malala, Pakistani Teen Who Survived Taliban Attack, Resented In Hometown’

    For many of her compatriots, Malala Yousafzai is a stooge of the United States and a CIA agent, a symbol of the West’s evils and a global conspiracy to bring down her native Pakistan.

    She has won the European Union’s prestigious human rights award and was one of the favourites to win the Nobel Peace Prize on Friday, but in her native Swat valley, friends and neighbours reacted with a mixture of resentment, fear and jealousy.

    “Malala is spoiling Pakistan’s name around the world,” said Mohammad Rizwan, a shop owner in her hometown of Mingora. “We didn’t need Malala to come and tell us how important education is.”


  6. The Nobel Peace Prize Committee has had some amazing lapses in judgement over the last half century. The obvious one being the Obama prize for what he would do in the future. Besides Malala there are a number of dissidents in China who are worthy of recognition for standing up to severe repression.


    • Yup, I’d agree they’ve gotten it wrong more than once. But let us remember this young girl started her brave campaign at age 11. She is very special in this world.


  7. It’s nice to find agreement with you on something. The sad thing is that in her native village Malala is not well thought of and her impact there is not what it should be. The forces of evil and repression are very strong in Pakistan.


    • And that’s exactly what she has already dedicated her life to changing by the education of women. Education in general, but women in particular since that’s so much harder to get accomplished. It’s the only way to break through such ancient practices as they have in those areas.

      The kid just knocks me out.


    • And as for her not being well thought of in her village – egad, they shot her in the face! I thought that was pretty apparant.


  8. I did not mean the people who shot her. There have been articles about the average citizens who believe she is either an Western stooge or a CIA agent. Point is she has lost the ideological battle in her own village.


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