A Canadian friend says . . .

Just had an email from Brian, Canadian citizen – he admires the US in many ways, but has always been puzzled by our odd attitudes on medical care. Now he is also worried:

we’ll be in FL by Nov. 17th. for another VT season…people in this country and our contacts in the UK are flabbergasted by the way your govt. is doing such damage to itself and its economy…big investors here such as our multi-billion dollar pension plans are starting to shy away from the US markets due to the volatility screwing up all their actuarial tables…how can such a small group of racist tea partiers take over so dramatically?

And so it goes . . .

6 responses to “A Canadian friend says . . .

  1. And if the Tea Party causes us to even temporarily to default on our debt, it will get ten times worse. I wonder what then would be the premier currency of the world? The Euro, I suppose. 😦


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  3. Jim and mac – another thing to consider is the dangerous instability of the Middle East and South Asia and what another financial crisis might do that. It sure won’t calm things down any.


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