Repeating myself, but . . .

Interesting that President Barry made this exact point yesterday. I guess he’s reading my Facebook feed cuz I said this on Monday in a comment thread – and in a post here. And I wish he’d said it sooner.

Obamacare is the law, as passed by the Congress, signed by the President, upheld by the US Supreme Court, and reaffirmed by the American people when they re-elected that President. That’s the way the US gov’t is designed to work. Half of those who tell pollsters they disapprove do so because it doesn’t go far enough – they wanted a single payer plan. The demand to defund or delay Obamacare comes from a single branch (and only a small minority of that branch) trying to undo – by holding hostage – a law created in the way designed by the Constitution.


26 responses to “Repeating myself, but . . .

  1. Props Moe….

    Of course this ISN’T really about the Heal;thcare Law that Ted Cruz and crew KNOW is here to stay ….IS IT?


    • Of course not james . . . wonder what it is though, hmmmm?


    • I’ve been pondering the same problem. As I’ve stated multiple times, the ACA is already in action, so that won’t go away. So how does this crisis end? What will the Republicans get from it? Unless their only goal is to embarrass the President.


      • Brat – I honestly think many of these Tea Partiers don’t know how government is supposed to work. They’ve got tunnel vision, focused on taxes and debt. Any one of us who’s sat on a committee or a board knows that nothing gets done without compromise.. Nothing.


  2. 😆 I’d have more respect for your position if I wasn’t so sure you would have lauded a Liberal-led govt. shutdown in order to block the “Bush Tax Cuts” or the Iraq War.

    Similarly, you’d be all on their side if they were union members on strike, shutting down some needed service…

    I think your hatred for more extreme action in cause of principles is colored by your hatred of the GOP instead of being based upon any sort of facts.


    • Really, jonolan? The GOP’s did it in 2011 and now are doing the extortion again. If you are aware of the Democrat Party ever doing this, why don’t you enlighten us?


      • How long was it before Reid ever submitted a Senate Budget proposal? 4 years and then only because was going to play hard-ball this time?

        And both threats of a government shutdown and debt-ceiling arguments were done by the Dems during the Reagan years. It’s just that back then the positions were reversed and negotiation was possible, unlike now with Obama and Reid.

        It’s a funny bit of hypocrisy from you on the Left. You regularly bemoan when your politicians and activists don’t take thing far enough and pragmatism over principle AND you scream bloody murder when Americans actually do it.


        • [your politicians and activists . . . scream bloody murder when Americans actually do it.]

          So there it is again jonolan, your belief those on the left aren’t Americans. How in the world have we survived 237 years with half the country not being Americans. Tiz a puzzle.


          • We’ve never been this divided before – aside from Lincoln’s War of Aggression – because there’s never been so many who hated America and wanted to change it into something else before.

            It almost happened in the 1950s but we caught in time and purged them.


            • If I may, we were so divided in 1787 that we had to write the Constitution in secret. And then there was that little war that started in 1776 – we were not at all on the same side then. Americans fought Americans, not just the Brits.


              • One – The Constitution wasn’t written in secrecy because of a divided nation. It was written in secret because it was illegal and seditious as it utterly violated the Articles of Confederation. They didn’t want to be imprisoned or hanged before they could present it as a finished draft and argue its merits.

                Two – Americans didn’t fight Americans in the Revolution. They fought British and European mercenaries (primarily Hessians). True, some of those British lived in America and some were even born here but they weren’t Americans. Simply put, only the rebels were Americans; the Loyalists were still British.

                Really, we’re nearing that point again. You Liberals aren’t American; you’re patriots of the nation you want to create, whereas we’re the Loyalists of the current nation.

                Also, the Loyalists only made up 15 – 20% of the free population (+ approx. 16% of the slave population). We’re more than a bit more divided than that now.


  3. The GOPer’s have all brought into the Ted Cruz/Tea Party thing…..

    The Reason Moe?

    The HATE their President and are working overtime to rollback the 2008/2012 Presidential Election Results….

    The train has left the station….

    American isn’t theirs anymore…..

    They have circled the wagons and are fighting for their political lives……

    And they are willing that shitcan the nation’s economy in the process…


  4. willing TO ………


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