George Takei gets all the good stuff

Like this:


10 responses to “George Takei gets all the good stuff

  1. ROFLMAO! Yep. Old Bill was a bit of ham in many ways back then…and an asshole to boot for many years. I’m glad he got over most of it finally.


  2. George Takei really does get the best stuff. Seeing what he’s posted is one of the few reasons I go on Facebook these days! 😀


  3. Luv it. I’m a dinosaur…haven’t a clue about George Takei, but am young enough to learn.


    • One of the actors from original Star Trek – in his 70’s now and one of the biggest stars on Facebook.


    • Takei was Sulu. He’s 76 and will probably outlive us all.. 😆 So far, his only concession to age has been slightly reducing or modifying his daily workout, which is good because it used to really put a hurting on his security detail and the staff at conventions.

      Of course, Bill’s 82 and still holding up.


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