Filllibuster!!! Popcorn please!

ringmasterLadies and gentlemen! Citizens of television land! I call you to gather at the CSpan for the Greatest Show on Earth!! Ted Cruz has taken the floor.

This is the third real filibuster in the last few years and that should be a good thing. I much prefer it to the invisible procedural nonsense of  placing holds.  Last year, Bernie Sanders (D-VT) did eight hours and last winter Rand Paul did thirteen hours. I don’t think either changed any minds, but they were presented honestly and honorably.

But this one? After hours of Ted Cruz sends the whole populace rushing for the showers, other Congress Critters might decide that doing business in the shadows was the better idea after all.

3 responses to “Filllibuster!!! Popcorn please!

  1. I think we should invite as many as possible to listen to Ted. It should only take a few minutes of that voice to send ’em screaming for the exits. That nasal, irritating twang is worse than fingernails on a blackboard to me. Am I alone in this?

    If Cruz should win in 2016, I wouldn’t be able to stand that voice for 4 years. I might have to move to . . . Canada! That might turn out to be the only place he wouldn’t visit. 😆


  2. Is the popcorn for throwing at him?


  3. You get points for popcorn landing in his mouth.


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