Filibuster(?) update . . .

. . . Ah well, I now hear that Cruz’ ‘filibuster’ is “in name only” as the vote has already been scheduled and his talkie-talkie can’t delay it further. So it’s theatre and therefore well suited to our Cuban Senator from Canada who is totally – TOTALLY – a natural born citizen.

5 responses to “Filibuster(?) update . . .

  1. The Senator from Texas is just making up with the Rightwingnuts by his performance…

    Reid already said the vote is on…..


  2. Because I saw him doing it on TV, perhaps he will be eligible for an Emmy next year but I guess Acting in a Political Event would be a crowded field.


  3. Frankly, unless Congress is about to close for end of session, all filibusters are just theater. They don’t do anything, which is why they all shifted to “silent” ones that could just be maintained day after day.


  4. Well, it was still entertaining to watch. I also enjoyed John McCain smacking Cruz down for the “if you don’t vote against Obamacare, you’re like a Nazi appeaser” comparison. I thought there was a rule about automatically losing a debate if you brought the Nazis up 🙂


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