Has anyone seen my old friend Paul?

paul ryan 2There was this guy, a Congressman – from Wisconsin I think – who ran for Vice President last year. Am I remembering that right? He was part of the House Leadership, a great young hope, brainy budget guy, all that. Plus cute.

Has anyone seen him in the last nine months? Ah! Paul Ryan, that’s his name! He still around?

6 responses to “Has anyone seen my old friend Paul?

  1. Hopefully he will stay away and invite his evil friends to join him in obscurity.


  2. Funny, because just this weekend I saw an old Romney/Ryan sign and I realized I’d forgotten that Ryan even ran with Romney. While we’re on the subject, I’m enjoying not seeing Romney these days, too.


    • Personally, Mary Lee, I would l would like to remember that Ryan ran with Romney. Thanks to Mitt, the voting public got a revealing glimpse into the thinking of the upper crust and what they think of the 47%, a figure that now has a permanently memorable place in the annals of political history.


    • Mary Lee – was there ever a man who looked less comfortable running for prez than Romeny?


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