And we know what happens in Libya . . .

(The rest of it almost writes itself . . . )


17 responses to “And we know what happens in Libya . . .

  1. Who pays for this trip?


  2. My thought exactly, Woodstock. But we know who pays… they’ve saved all that money by cutting food stamps, so they can afford this!


    • Yeah Donald, with that food stamp savings, maybe we can afford to keep the lights on for all 80 days of the year that our Congress critters seem to actually work.


  3. After 5 years of President Obama spending every dime he could, your sudden concern over government spending is truly admirable.


  4. They will travel probabaly in an Air Force 757….

    They will get security protection by the State Dept’s Security Unit….

    Let’s remember….
    Darrell is worth hundreds of Millions Dollars….


  5. They’re still investigating this?


    • brat – they simply have to ‘get to the bottom of it’ you know – and since there’s no ‘there’ there, that could be a very long time. . . . I saw a Bengazi-Bengazi-Bengazi!!! hearing last week with GOP Reps trash talking Admiral Mullen and Ambassador Pickering – it was vulgar in the depth of the disrespect shown to two pretty honorable guys.

      Political theatre brings in the bucks, and hurts the other party. What’s not to love?


  6. Gee, it’s nice of Mr. Issa to go to all this trouble. Since he’s really getting into this stuff, I wonder if he’ll expand his investigation and also look into the dozen attacks on U.S. missions that occurred during the Bush administration, and why those weren’t anticipated and fended off? Nah, something tells me that probably won’t happen.


  7. Jim,
    I wondered who would bring up the attacks that occurred during President Bush’s term. You can count on certain things bouncing from board to board. There is no equivalence. If there was, Democrats would have not been deterred in getting to the truth. They would not have let the Bush Administration stall and lie for a year.

    And you know they would never of let that ” disgusting video ” story fly. If things were reversed, Democrats would have a lot of trophy heads on their walls long before now.


  8. Jim and you too eurobrat,

    Thank you for straightening me out on this. If I understand you then Democrats are like Michael Corleone. If I run into Scooter Libby, he will be happy to hear that it wasn’t personal. It was strictly business.


    • Scooter Libby? You got Scooter Libby into a Bengazi thread! Well done, Alan. And yes, that was strictly business in that he took a hit for his boss. Went down like a good soldier so Dick Cheney could keep getting new hearts and shooting more ducks. Or whatever he does.


    • Well, the Democrats haven’t *completely* removed their spines. They do occasionally speak up about some things….


  9. Ms. Holland,

    I hope you got my point. The comment that Democrats are not as mean spirited as those GOPers was not to go unchallenged. The whole Valerie Plame inquisition was a blood quest. Poor Scooter did not even reveal Superwoman’s secret identity, but somebody had to pay, right?

    Issa is no Fitzgerald. The one thing you have to credit Democrats with is that when they go after people they draw blood. Between Benghazi and the IRS Tea Party, if things were reversed, Democrats would by now have bagged their limit.


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