I am sorry; this is not good blog etiquette

Good blog-manners means the host responds to comments, re-blogs, and pingbacks in a timely way. But for a while now I’ve increasingly taken you, dear readers, for granted.

I again plead the demands of commitments I’ve made to the two Boards on which I serve.

And there’s this: I miss the time I spend here. I love the interaction. I enjoy the opportunity to clarify my own thinking or share a laugh. I miss my blog. And hanging around with you.

Last night I thought about all this and decided something has to give. And I decided further that letting the blog take the hit, as has been happening, is not what I want.

So next week, I plan to meet with the president of one board and tell him I’ll serve out my term but will be reducing my workload. Right now I publish (and write, design and build) the newsletter, and handle our publicity. These I’ll continue because they’re my own areas of expertise and why I’m on that board.

But somehow, over the last year I’ve allowed myself to be pulled into working on the website, promoting membership, doing a bit of database maintenance and acting as the organization photographer at sponsored events. All that will have to get re-assigned.

Over the last weeks, I started a number of posts that I never finished because they needed more detail or editing or fact checking. As that didn’t happen,  they’ve sat, lonely and waiting to be published, as neglected as the comment threads have been.

Stick with me? I’m gonna fix it.

11 responses to “I am sorry; this is not good blog etiquette

  1. 30 or 40 years ago we could do it all (or thought we could) but now, not so much. Glad you are working on the priorities and, of course, we’ll stick with you.


  2. Absolutely. And we all stray from time to time!


  3. I have too many Drafts amid my posts, too and I don’t have the excuse you do. I’m glad you’re going to dive back in. You can claim me as a dependent.


  4. I’m amazed you have the time to post as much as you do. Real life gets in the way quite a bit for me.

    Also, if your blog makes for a good excuse to apply a little tough love in areas of your life where perhaps you’ve been too giving, then it’s all for the best.


  5. “Stick with me?”
    Where the hell do you suppose we would go?
    Patience is a virtue.
    Your thoughts are worth waiting for.
    Respond at your own pace.
    We will be here.


  6. Glad you’re making the choice to do what you love, and happy to know we’ll be seeing more of you!


  7. Decluttering and destressing. Isn’t retirement lovely. You get to choose your compulsions.


  8. Always enjoyed your take on life, glad your staying 🙂


  9. Ah that’s great news! In the meantime I’ve bought an iphone and started posting pics from my Italy travels here

    Cambridge, UK

    And I’m craving favs and hits and comments!! 🙂


  10. Moe…..

    Just do the best you can……


  11. Proud of you for making this decision. Your posts inspire thoughtful, opposing and wonderful discussion, which in my opinion is needed!


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