Pedestrian. Equivocating. Backward looking. Full of cliches.

My review of the speech given by President Obama at the ceremony marking the 50th Anniversary of the 1963 March on Washington.

The end.

10 responses to “Pedestrian. Equivocating. Backward looking. Full of cliches.

  1. Pedestrian. Equivocating. Backward looking. Full of cliches.

    I just finished reading it.

    And yeah – nothing you might not find on a campaign stop.


  2. What do you think…, fully captured by the inside-the-beltway elite?


  3. maggieannthoeni

    Thanks for the heads-up. I’ve not tried to find out what he said. Had a hunch I’d find it aggravating. Especially because of the sharp contrast between his ‘role’ honoring King and his ‘other role’ that seems ready to bomb Syria. I mentioned it in your ‘dialogue’ post on Syria. Finally manged today to get my thoughts organized and posted on it. If I may … the link is

    (Now that I’ve got your heads-up review with confirmation from others here, I’ll be able to handle whatever news on his MLK speech I come across. I really do appreciate it!) 🙂


  4. Yep. It was just another Obama campaign speech couched in the context of that one singular moment – the only lasting moment – of MLK’s storied career, rise to civil rights prominence, and descent into bitterness and Socialist fantasies.

    It wasn’t painful to listen to or read but it wasn’t worth doing so either…Which may be a good thing as a Black politician falls too easily into the trap of MLK’s dream and that’s rarely good for anyone, especially the politician in question.


  5. I missed it due to real life stuff. Sad to hear that it wasn’t very good, considering how amazing the moment itself was–the first African-American President commemorating the anniversary.


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